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#1027406 - 04/08/16 04:32 PM Hksmith
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From the section rules:

Once Negative Feedback is in place, it will not be removed.


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#1027429 - 04/08/16 05:22 PM Re: HKsmith/Jason Richey/New American Arms [Re: Brindo]
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HKsmith/Jason Richey/New American Arms

Originally Posted By: Brindo
Contacted Jason in November in response to his WTB Machine Guns post and we reached a deal for an M2 carbine on my FA FAL. Jason initially said he sent partial payment via USPS and the check never arrived. Jason responds quickly when he wants what you have but communication became nonexistent once we reached a deal. Unresponsive to multiple inquiries about payment status, ultimately requiring me to drive to Richmond and collect in person. The M2 Jason and I agreed on needed to be transferred from an out of state dealer on a Form 3. Jason said 45 days max. My Form 4 somehow beat the Form 3 and I delivered the FAL to Jason who said the Form 3 had been returned for a correction. Form 3's are currently taking 60 days according to Silencer Shop.com. It has now been more than 60 days since I delivered the FAL after a 3-month wait for the Form 4. I have contacted Jason numerous times for updates and finally, after months of waiting, awful communication and no effort on Jason's part to assure me that my M2 was on the way. I told Jason I want to scrap the deal and cash out. Jason agreed. That was 17 days ago. I offered a reasonable cash settlement and provided Jason with my Paypal account information at his request. Since then I have received no funds and multiple texts, voicemails and e-mails have gone unanswered. I have heard many excuses over the past several months about trips, weddings, sick relatives, everything but the dog ate it. I don't know how he can stay in business if this is the way he conducts himself. As of now, Jason owes me several thousand dollars. In short order, this will become a legal matter.

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#1028447 - 04/10/16 10:19 PM Re: HKsmith/Jason Richey/New American Arms [Re: Brindo]
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I want to start by saying I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH THIS and am only responding because i'm being forced to do so by a MOD who has RE-POSTED comments that were removed by the other party.

Im above the childish games so I am not going to give a long drawn out explanation. The OP has removed his comments and A MOD has decided to be a DICTATOR and not allow him to edit his half cocked foolish comments. As far as payment not arriving I can not control the mail, he came into the shop and I paid him on the spot even though he "forgot" several items of high value at home... As far as my "personal" life yes I have one and don't live to work NON-STOP hence the reason we do appointments at the shop. The OP has changed this deal over and over again and has yet to deliver SEVERAL THOUSAND dollars worth of accessories and parts and I have emails I can share as irrefutable evidence. He was also well aware that I was transferring in a NFA gun for him which was going through 2 other dealers hence the time it has taken to get it in ( i do have it now).. I offered to sell his gun back to him but he can not do that at this time so rather than deal with him for the next 6 mo I have paid him via paypal for what I have received and will sell the M2 elsewhere. Sorry I had to respond would have prefered to kept this between us as we have resolved the issue, I really need to decide if I want to stay in a community that does NOT allow freedom of speech and editing of comments that should have been left alone.

**Buyer beware he will call and give you a price for a item then use auction tactics to raise the price
** also don't post something and think that you can "edit" it later because there is no freedom of speech here it's all monitored and a select few decide what stays and goes once said you can't take it back**

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#1030094 - 04/14/16 11:00 PM Re: HKsmith/Jason Richey/New American Arms [Re: Brindo]
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HKSmith has mischaracterized our deal, my negotiating tactics and my failure to deliver two items: an optic that he said he didn't want during our negotiations and was explicitly excluded from the final written parameters of our deal, and a spare barrel he had also said he didn't need but that could be seen as promised by my use of the plural "barrels" in the final parameters I wrote out and sent to him. I have offered repeatedly to deliver both of these items, (including the optic as a concession to resolve this issue) Jason has said he will refuse delivery. In any case, the idea that these items are worth "thousands" is laughable. Jason voluntarily outbid another buyer for my FAL in response to an email I sent him thanking him for his interest and informing him I was taking another offer. Jason and I have not settled this matter and he has threatened to sue me to force me to buy the FAL back and also for "slander". He made partial payment to me and has promised an offer of final settlement I have yet to receive. Didn't want to respond to this, either as I believed it had been taken down as I had agreed in return for his promise of payment. Just wanted to make sure the facts were straight as he is assaulting my character in his response. Since I'm writing this, I should also add that Jason offered me three potential M2s in our original negotiations. I was very clear that I preferred a USGI and wasn't interested in the commercial models he offered, he said he had a Broadhead M2 kit in an Underwood (USGI) host available and sent me pictures of the piece. I told him this was acceptable. He forwarded me a copy of a Form 3 and said it would "be in my shop in 45 days". I was very clear both verbally and in email that this was the gun I wanted and expected. Last week, he told me he had received it, and despite my offer to give him his disputed barrel and optic, he refused to conclude the deal with me and "sold it to another client". He said this was because he "no longer wanted to deal with me" but suggested I buy my FAL back on a payment plan and wait out another transfer! He also claims that my FAL has been sold to another client but that he has informed that client of his difficulties with me and can easily cancel that transfer. As he became more belligerent in our conversations, I decided to contact the owner listed on the Form 3 he had originally sent me to see if the gun had actually been delivered. They said he had inquired about the gun in November and they had sent him pictures and the Form 3 at his request, but that he had never purchased the gun. When confronted with this information, Jason said "lol, that wasn't the one you wanted" and indicated that the one he "sold" to "another client" was an Iver Johnson. Mind you, I made it very clear what I wanted, and he very clearly knew. I have very clear documentation of all of this. Im only presenting facts I can support with evidence and I will let everyone draw their own conclusions. Any others who have had similar experiences, I invite to contact me via PM. As I said, he has threatened legal action and I may need character witnesses should he go that route.

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#1030118 - 04/15/16 12:59 AM Re: HKsmith/Jason Richey/New American Arms [Re: Brindo]
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Both sides have responded. Thread locked. Advise both of you to read the rules concerning negative feedback. Negative feedback once posted cannot be deleted. This was NOT an arbitrary decision by a "DICTATOR" Mod. It is the rule. If you try deleting your post it WILL BE reposted by a Mod.

Lesson to all. Careful of what you post.

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