I have had a few requests for a price sheet for the Cerakote work.
Its best to do your Dis/Reassembley yourself if possible as it will save you money, but I can usally Dis/Reassemble for a reasonable fee.

Glocks,M&Ps and most polymer type pistols.
slides and frames 40-45.00ea.
controls, safety,slide release etc. 10.00 for all.

1911's, Sig's, CZ's and other large autos.
slides and frames 45-55.00controls, safety,slide release etc. 10.00
controls, safety,slide release etc. 10.00 for all.

revolvers (these are time consuming)
125-250.00 really need to be quoted.

upper and lowers 45.00 ea (AR10s and A1/A2 uppers 10.00 add.)
barrels 20.00
Controls safety,bolt catch,mag realease etc 10.00 for all.
rails 3.00 an inch
stocks 25-45.00
I do a complete AR metal package (upper,lower,barrel,rail,buffer tube and controls in 2 colors for 175.00

Bolt action Rifles
(lever,pump and semi autos by quote)

barreled action and bottom metal 125-155.00
barreled actiom 90.00-110.00
stocks 55-125.00


barrels 35-60.00
barreled actions 90-125.00

Obviously this sheet doesnt cover everything such as camo patterns, bazookas, 50 barretts and anti aircraft guns but if it will fit in my 7 foot tall I can probaly quote you a price.
"It will be fine after the swelling go's down"