Just to let you folks know that I was visited by the ATF this past week. It had to do with Malik...the guy that was listed in the negative feedback forum. He was a young African American kid that tried to pass himself off as a newbie to Virginia and to guntrader. I had listed a Glock 30s for sale and he contacted me back last October. I met up with him in Annandale and after about 38 seconds I told him he had no business buying a 450 dollar firearm. He had no job, a girlfriend with baby, and was trying to get his life together. I asked him why he wanted to buy my pistol being he had a headache he needed to deal with...his life. He told me it made him feel good. Oddball character from thye first text he sent me.

So as the story goes the ATF gave me a call this last week and really wanted to come talk to me. They asked me if I had some dealings with a guy named Malik. I wasn't quite sure who they were talking about but after a few moments I had a recall and said yeah...he tried to buy a gun from me but I refused to sell it to him. They wanted to come to Fredericksburg to talk...okay come on down. 2 agents showed up in civvies and both drove separately. We wnt to a local McDonalds to chat. They seemed friendly enough. My first question was how did you guys get my name and number. The younger agent said "Glad you asked that. I am going to be honest with you and I expect you to be honest with me." Sure...why not. They told me my number was obtained from a phone this guy Malik (not his real name) was using. Of course Malik only called and texted me 20 or 30 times in one day. So I suspected these 2 agents thought I had sold him my pistol..which I didn't. They believed me after we talked for awhile and even thanked me for not selling it to him. They did tell me that there was no law that could have prevented me from selling to him.

Malik was picked up be DC Metro. The cops had taken 6 firearms off the streets in DC that were connected to Malik. Not sure how many people were killed with those firearms. Don't know how many more are on the streets that Malik brought in. They told me that most of the firearms were bought through gunbroker. Not sure how many came through guntrader...but all came from Virginia. To those who sold to Malik lets just say Malik was one of those people that screamed out "I don't need a gun and should never have a gun but please some idiot sell me a gun quickly" This is the kind of stuff that will ultimately lead to universal background checks. I am actually applying for my FFL just to do transfers once universal background checks becomes law.

Nobody should need money badly enough to sell a gun to the first moron that walks up. Please folks do some bs detecting. There were a few people on guntrader that refused to sell Malik a gun...just check the negative feedback forum. These ATF guys are as serious as a heart attack. You don't want a visit from them even if you didn't do anything wrong and I am certain most of you don't want your guns being used to kill others in gangsta land. So I learned a very valuable lesson...be freaking careful. Even if someone has all the right paper work to buy your gun they may not have the right character.