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#1430732 - 12/06/18 09:15 PM How many cinnamon buns can I eat?
Execprotect Offline
Dialed In

Registered: 06/22/14
Posts: 1544
Loc: Fauquier-Catlett
City or County: Fauquier
And not get too fat? They are very tasty, especially the middle when you heat them up.

#1430813 - 12/07/18 07:02 AM Re: How many cinnamon buns can I eat? [Re: Execprotect]
dustydog Offline
drooling old single shot fanatic

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Posts: 1991
Loc: Chester
City or County: Chester
Lets use the Cinnbon carmel pecan(CBCP)for the standard,at 1080 calories per,shall we? I can eat as many as I can gag down in a day and not gain an ounce.All you have to do is the following:
Day starts at 4 am,coffee and CBCP,housework,laundry,run and feed dogs,review work to be done,get girlfriend up to face day. 8am,eat another CBCP along with something to take that cloying sweet away,coffee,drive 5 miles and feed water livestock on farm for someone OLDER than me,drive 10 miles and crawl under truck (16' dump body diesel stuck in a soft spot),remove wrung universal and half the driveshaft,toss in back of pickup,get new parts,install,listen to owner whine about the cost.12 pm,lunch and yet another CBCP with coffee.Start grinding knife blades,heat treating,maybe cast some silver or pewter,sip coffee thru process and nibble at 1 or two CBCP until 5 pm. 5pm,back to the first farm,feeding watering gather eggs from truculent hens avoid ill mannered rooster ,convince amorous bull that I'm not his type,back home,run dogs,feed dogs,make girlfriend dinner. EAT ANYTHING TO GET THE TASTE OF ANOTHER CBCP OUT OF MY MOUTH. 8pm,most of my body parts are humming like a demented tuning fork from the sugar,but do dishes,run dogs, start drinking copious amounts of whiskey,,review next days schedule,collapse in chair/bed/on floor and wait for 4 am somewhere around 10 pm.

See? Just like making a knife,eating 5-6 1080 calorie sweet rolls a day can be done by anyone!Pardon me now,I hear a cricket somewhere in the house,and nothing shall do but to get the Brown Bess loaded with #4 buckshot,and go eradicate the little b*****d.
"Why the H..l do they call it 'common sense'? I ain't seen much of it in my lifetime." R.L. "Junior" Byiers

Don't blame me if you find your life wanting,it takes sand to bet it all on one card.

Waiting for snow to cover my tracks.

#1430845 - 12/07/18 08:14 AM Re: How many cinnamon buns can I eat? [Re: Execprotect]
RALLEN Offline
General Nuisance

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If you donít put butter on them after they are warm your wrong.