Christmas has come and gone so it's time to head into a new year "2019".
It's been a good year and have made several new friends.
It's been a good year for Cerakote too with several new colors and the Elite line of products.
I was able to try a couple of the Elite colors out over the holidays.
A couple of the black rifles are actually Magpul Stealth gray but they look black.
The Beretta APX100 is done in Magpul Tactical gray and the rifle that looks like FDE is Cerakote Elite 190 (don't know why they didnt give it a name but it looks great).
And the one stand out is midnight bronze.
Last but not least is Aarons CZ75, I only did the frame (sky blue) but I really like the way it turned out.
Probaly because I really like CZ's.
So hopefully you all have a very good new year and I'm looking forward to calling a few more of you Friend.
Clinton Colors.

stealth 2.jpg

stealth 1.jpg

beretta 1.jpg


"It will be fine after the swelling go's down"