Iíve browsed and bought from wardscollectibles.com auction site for ~4 yrs. Signing up is easy and I am (easily) entertained participating in their quarterly auctions for ammo, guns, fishing equipment, etc. Some of the collectible and really exotic items cost big bucks, but there are bargains in there. They have a 15 minute rule so last minute sniping may extend an auction well after the 30 day end date. Also there is an auction premium and shipping costs to consider.

This go-around, I noticed that a few boxes of 7x57 donít have bids, even though the auction has been going on for 3 weeks (with one week to go). I (naturally) had (and traded) a rifle in that really great caliber.

Some of the big boomers (.375, .458) have some bids, but at really low prices so far.

If you know commercial prices and are a little patient, good deals can be found.

(I have consigned with them in the past but have no financial interest in the organization.)