I DO NOT HAVE PICTURES AT THIS TIME. I will take and post them as soon as I get back in town.

Uncle Mikes Sidekick Size 4 black OWB. I had a Ruger Super Red Hawk 44 in it. $20

Blackhawk Sig 226 Close Quarters Concealment Kydex OWB paddle holster. $20

I am mainly interested in cash but will entertain trades if they are in my favor.

I may be interested in...Dillon 550 conversion parts, Reloding dies / powder / projectiles, 55 grain 223 bullets, 95 grain 380 bullets, AR lower receivers, 458 Socom upper with mags / ammo, 450 bushmaster upper with mags / ammo, 357 Alaskan lever action take down, 45LC lever action, Taurus Raging Bull, 1911 mags, AR mags, 10/22 upgraded trigger, quality crossbow

I am NOT interested in... shotguns, optics, .40 cal, hunting rifles, long range shooting (over 300 yards)or Bows.

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