Up for sale are 2 plate carriers that i bought and have never used.

The first is a Black Condor Gunner plate carrier with quick release system. It has never been worn except to be fitted. No pouches or anything included with the Condor.

The Black Owl Gear plate carrier is a reproduction of the US Marine Corps CIRAS quick release armor system. It has never been used except for fitting and mobility testing. It comes with a 3x double stack AR magazine pouch, a 1x double stack magazine pouch, Admin Panel, IFAK pouch (empty), and utility pouch.

Both are Large size. The Black Owl Gear carrier will accept up to XL 11x14in plates and the Condor accepts up to L 10x12in plates. Both can also accept soft armor and trauma pads.

Selling only because I lost a good bit of weight and neither fit anymore. Funding another carrier with these.

$120 for both. I paid $175 for the Black Owl Gear and $80 for the Condor Gunner so my loss is your gain. (No weight loss pun intended)



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