Today, I have two sets of Wilson Combat compact grips and an EDC X9 snag free green fiber optic sight for sale. One set of grips is an aggressive starburst pattern in black with black medallions and the other is a set of slant pattern grips with pewter medallions. Both have seen some light use and the starburst set is fading slightly. I installed the black medallions on the starburst set and the slant pattern is completely factory original. There is some wear and scratches on the back of the starburst set but you'd never see it once installed (please refer to pictures). I don't have pictures of the EDC X9 fiber optic sight yet, but will add some as soon as I can. The sight has some decent wear from carrying use and the black finish is fading pretty significantly, but could be easily touched up with paint. The fiber optic is brand new (just installed). I will accept PayPal, money order, certified check, etc. as forms of payment (PM for PayPal account num
Aggressive Starburst pattern with black medallions- $45
Slant pattern- $40
Front sight- $25

I'd prefer to sell everything as one big bundle, but will obviously piece out things if need be. For that reason, the bundle price for everything will be $80.





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