I am trying to pay off a title loan and I'd rather just sell this to someone who needs a vehicle rather than pay off the loan. I'll pay off the loan and sign the title over to you. Easy done. KBB price is within fair range. Asking $3000 obo 276K miles. Willing to sign a notarized sales agreement or just meet me in Ashland to sign over the title.

This was a company vehicle for some time for an auto parts wholesaler so it was very well maintained. All maintenance is up to date. Oil change, Rotors, brakes, tires, struts and shocks, belts, etc. No major repairs have been needed outside routine care.

80% of the miles are highway miles due to the company using it as a sales vehicle. I purchased the vehicle 4 months ago and it's been a great vehicle. I just need to pay off the title loan and move on to something else down the road.

It's in excellent running condition and wouldn't even tell it's got so many miles.. Inspection good until 2019. Some of you may have seen seen me in it for meets. It's a great running vehicle. Plenty of photos to share.





Screenshot 2019-06-13 at 14.11.08.png

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