Hey guys hope this is ok to post here. A little over a year ago my brother (Joey) and myself partnered up with Vas number one NFA dealer Hansohn Brothers to start reviewing suppressor. Hansohn was then able to score a b&k 2209 meter for decibels readings. Its one of only a few that actually meet specs to capture the peak rise of a gun shot. We have done a bunch of single videos as well as a new series called Suppressor ShowDown. We put some of the top cans on the market head to head on the same host, same ammo, same weather conditions to give the best accurate comparisons of the suppressors that we can! Hansohn Brothers has also stepped up and invested in a new system called the Pulse. This will capture so much more data for us to show the Suppressed Nation audience. Heres the link to our YouTube channel. Thank you and hope you enjoy the videos!



Youtube http://youtube.com/c/suppressednation