Recently traded into a Howa 1500 Alpine in .243 and currently in the process of putting everything together. Since there are quite a few members on here whose knowledge of gunsmithing and physics far exceeds mine, I figured I'd get y'all to double check me here.

Planning to shoot copper monos as its hunting load- looking Federal Trophy Copper 85 gr., to be exact. The rifle's twist rate is 1:10 with a 20" barrel, which should be just about right to stabilize a standard 85 grain projectile. Since copper monos have a lower sectional density than standard lead/copper cup-and-cores, however, and are therefore longer bullets than lead projectiles of the same weight, would a faster twist rate than 1:10 be optimal for this load or is 85 grains light enough to do the trick? Are my assumptions about the interactions between bullet construction and requisite twist rate correct? Take me to school here.
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