I'm sorry for posting in the handgun section, but I could find no " FREE STUFF" section here on Vaguntrader. Therefore, I'm posting here just to put the word out. If there IS a proper forum section, please let me know.

Here's the deal: I own about 200 acres of prime timber and pasture land in Hampshire County, WV. I would like to offer a free whitetail hunting package to a kid under age 18...similar to the Make a Wish Foundation for terminally ill children.

I'll pay for his/her license, provide transportation around the property, and can ensure at least the harvesting of a deer. I can't promise a huge, trophy buck, but chances are good a buck will be taken. The photo is an average deer taken 2 years ago on the property.

I'd like to see a kid do this that may not have the chance to go hunting and would like to. Why am I doing this ? Its personal.....let's just say I'm trying to " pay it forward". If you know of such a kid with such an illness, please feel free to contact me. No scam, no money, and no " hunting packages for sale."

Requirements: a legal guardian or parent MUST accompany the hunter. We can discuss the details once a kid is selected.

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