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#1527882 - 08/19/19 02:52 PM Broken case extraction
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A few months ago, a friend of mine gave me an M1 carbine. It is not a GI issue WWII carbine but one that was produced by a company back in the mid-60s. This carbine will not function properly because someone in times past shot it and part of the case broke in the chamber. Approximately 1/8" of the front edge of the case broke off in the chamber just shy of the rifling area. As a result, the carbine cannot chamber a round due to this broken case.
I have taken a number of steps to try to get this case out but I have not succeeded. Here are the steps I have taken:

1. I cleaned the barrel and receiver a number of times using normal cleaning procedures.
2. I have used PB blaster penetrating oil and have soaked the receiver for days on end, then......
3. Put a cleaning rod through the muzzle down through the receiver and then attached an oversized (.45 caliber) cleaning brush to the rod and pulled towards the muzzle. Once slightly passed the chamber, I pushed the brush back towards the chamber and out hoping the bristles pointing backward would 'hook' the broken piece and remove it that way. No dice.
4. I removed the barrel from the receiver and tried to tap a once fired .30 carbine empty brass forward in hopes it would loosen the broken case, no dice there either.
5. I don't have a broken case remover so I cant go about it that way.
6. After soaking the chamber in Penetrating oil for days on end, I placed the barrel into a freezer hoping the metals would contract and perhaps break the seal between the chamber and the brass-No dice there.

Short of taking the thing to my gunsmith, I have tried everything I know on my end and have not been successful. If anyone has any ideas that have worked for them in the past, let me know and I will respond to any suggestions on my end. As a side note, I don't know how long this broken case has been in the chamber but I have a feeling it has been there for a long time.
Any ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks on advance.


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#1528007 - 08/19/19 07:53 PM Re: Broken case extraction [Re: Bullseye1]
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I would try heating the outside of the chamber, gently at first, where the stuck piece is. This may expand the steel and loosen the brass.

Or, get a 30 cal brass jag and insert from the muzzle end and GENTLY tap, trying to catch the edge of the case with the edge of the jag. Brass jag only.

Just a couple of thoughts.

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#1528294 - 08/20/19 04:59 PM Re: Broken case extraction [Re: Bullseye1]
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Pm sent I think I can help
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#1531839 - 08/29/19 07:43 PM Re: Broken case extraction [Re: Bullseye1]
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30 Carbine Chamber Reamer?

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