If you need to gentrify your man cave: Exceptional quality art rug from Qum (Qom, Ghom) Hunting Scene Rug 3’x5’ 100% Silk fine handwoven 1100 knots/in. Has sleeve to hang on wall. Asking $4,000.

Open to partial trades. I'm in Bethesda, MD now (don't give me any grief...) but am a C&R FFL and can make it down to NOVA for a transfer or can have you ship to my FFL for modern firearms. Some things on my current interest list but not limited to:
Chiappa Double Badger 20ga/.22lr
Cimarron P jr or Lighting .32-20/.32 H&R, .38 Spl
Colt SAA: 1st gen ser # 165,000 - 182,000 (.32-20), 2nd, maybe a 3rd gen shooter (no unfired) or clones prefer short bbl =/<4.75”
Colt New Police .32 (serial numbers below 7,300)
Colt New Pocket .32 Long Colt (serial number below 11,900)
C&R "interesting stuff”
IMI Timberwolf .357mag
Ithaca Hammerless shotguns (prefer 20ga) (serial # below 32988)*
Marlin 1894 357 ss trapper 16 inch 1894cst
Marlin 1889 (32-20 +carbine), 1893, 1894
Mauser M1896 “Cone Ring Broomhandle" ser # below 15,000*
Ruger Mk IV Lite (color)
Ruger Redhawk 4” .45 LC/ACP
Ruger Single Six .32 H&hR Mag 4 5/8”*
S&W 625 (.45LC), 629 pre-lock 4”
S&W Shield EZ380
S&W .32 Hand Ejector first model
S&W .38 Double Action top break, ser # below 382022, prefer blue
S&W .38 Double Action hammerless, set # below 119900, prefer blue
Walther, (pre-war)

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