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#1632932 - 05/07/20 02:08 AM Club Closure Stonewall RPC—recommendations?
Buzz Offline
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I am currently in an ongoing dispute with the Board of Dictators at one of my clubs here in VA. This club (Stonewall Rifle and Pistol Club) is currently the only outdoor range in the state that remains closed to members. Members of our Board of Dictators made the unilateral decision to close the club without member input—they changed the gate lock so no one can enter. Their actions are in direct violation of our club Bylaws.
Despite attempts from many of our members, our BODictators is refusing to reopen the club, even on a limited basis to members only—and despite the fact that there are several proposals that would allow safe operation of our ranges. They are sticking to the ‘because I said so’ approach instead of allowing members to make their own decisions like rational adults.
They supposedly convened a special BODictators meeting this past weekend to discuss reopening but no members have been apprised of the results of this meeting.
Several members are calling for a vote of no confidence in the leadership of this board at our next membership meeting.
What would you do if this was your club?

#1633192 - 05/07/20 04:59 PM Re: Club Closure Stonewall RPC—recommendations? [Re: Buzz]
nvcdl Offline

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Unfortunetly most gun clubs seem to get run by cliques with groupthink.

If you want to spend money you could hire a lawyer and sue them to obey the bylaws but probably easier and more productive in long term to find some likeminded members and run a slate for BOD.

#1635377 - 05/12/20 10:39 AM Re: Club Closure Stonewall RPC—recommendations? [Re: Buzz]
Mark S Offline
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First, go through the club bylaws and see what the limits are on the following:
1. the BOD's powers - can they make the decision to close
2. what is the requirement minutes and for votes by the BOD and the recording of the votes and minutes and see if there is a record
3. what is the requirement for a meeting of the BOD, is there a notification requirement to the members or are they allowed to meet in 'secret'

You'll need to have the direct actions that are in conflict, the longer the list the better.

See if the bylaws say anything about representation for the BOD if in dispute(i.e. with the members), insurance, etc., or you may find that you are paying both your lawyer and theirs should you decide to hire an attorney.

Once you have the list with all of the potential violations, get together as many members as possible and send them a registered letter signed by all of the members willing to (preferably a majority) informing them of the violations and demanding to meet with them to resolve or you'll pursue legal remedy.

#1635547 - 05/12/20 03:00 PM Re: Club Closure Stonewall RPC—recommendations? [Re: Buzz]
shootergdv Offline

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Bound to be at least one member that's a lawyer ! As above, read the bylaws, see if there is a provision for any special meetings called by "x" number of members.

As a last result, if you have access to a member list, consider showing up in mass with bolt cutters and occupy the Range . If the BOD calls the law, request they have the BOD show them their basis for closure - since you say that contradicts by-laws, they can't .

They probably have BOD insurance (paid for by you !) so they care less about lawyer fees . Be sure to run a slate of saner folks next election if you can find folks to step up - which is always a problem.

We've stayed open and had no problem complying with socialistic distancing and less than 10 on any Range.