Sold my .308 and have some ammo that I no longer need. Selling all together as one lot. $70 cash takes it all. FTF meetup in Vienna/Tyson's Corner/Mclean. I also drive through Alexandria once or twice a week and could meet there with a little more notice as well. Included:
- Ammo can (note - has a couple stickers on the top)
- One full box (20 rds) Federal Fusion 180gr.
- One full box (20 rds) Winchester 150gr power point
- One full box (20 rds) Defender 220gr HPBT SUBSONIC
- One partial box (35 rds) Atomic 175gr HPBT SUBSONIC
- One partial box (14 rds) Barnes Vortex 168gr tipped TSX
- 5 loose rounds Winchester 150gr power point
- Two Plano plastic ammo holders (empty, but each holds 50 rds).


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