Repost from 2017.

I suspect that the house cleaner cleaned out more than she should have. I suspect she found the spare key to the safe. Oddly, ONLY HANDGUNS were stolen.
Here is the list of stolen guns.

Brand Model Type Caliber SN
Czeska Zbrojovka CZ-75 DA Pistol 9mm G9596
Kimber Classic 1911 SA Pistol 45 acp K003980
Springfield Armory M1911A1 SA Pistol 45 acp NM134084
Glock G21 SA Pistol 45 acp AVM170US
Ruger MKII-5" bull SA Pistol 22 lr 215-94638
Smith and Wesson M686-4" CS'1 DA Revolver 357 Mag BAC0537
Smith and Wesson M686-3" CS-1 DA Revolver 357 Mag AYT8600
Smith and Wesson M66-3" DA Revolver 357 mag BPZ8796
Smith and Wesson M12-5 DA Revolver 38 spl D475890

If found, please call the local police where you are, or Henrico, VA Police- 804-501-5000 (non-emergency number)
You can call me, but I will just tell you to report them to the police.
Jason M. Krumbein