I bought a T/C Compass II in 7mm magnum, couldn't resist the price of $234 after rebate. Git it ready to sight in and found it wouldn't extract. So I sent it back for repair and also asked them to lighten up the trigger to 3 pounds but 2.5 would be better. Sent it in on Sept.24 and finally got it back yesterday. Checked the trigger and was at 4.5 pounds. Looked at the work order and they replaced the bolt and all the trigger parts. Sighted it in this morning, it does extract but drops the case on top of the rounds in the magazine, instead of ejecting them. All that time they had it and couldn't get it right. They can't even get the trigger to meet their claims of being between 3 and 4 pounds from the factory. I found out their CS went downhill after S&W bought them and I believe it. Seems to me they have taken the number 1 spot from Taurus for having the worst CS.