My first attempt with the GoPro camera.

More quail than pheasant this year and lots more hunters than we were used to.

This was the most interesting, and only action, sequence for me (didnít have it on for a pheasant I took). I took this 2.5 minute video clip from an 8 minute sequence, then cut it to half speed. It takes 5 minutes because of the slo-mo. I included 4 screen captures of quail launch to quail down which arenít as clear on the video.

Lots of videos of the ground, dogs passing me by, and us walking and standing around. Iíll try to package some of those to look a little interesting. Now that Iíve got the basics (like aiming the camera) maybe I can do better next time.

Gun is Remington Sporting 28

Apologies: Imgur seems to be limiting my video length. May need to try a different post


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