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Leesburg Town Council is going to be discussing local gun-control in a working session on Monday, August 9, at 7 pm.

At this point, it is only a discussion about whether they should go to the next step of drafting a proposed ordinance, and, at a future meeting, get public input and vote on passing the proposed ordinance.

Here is the agenda for Monday. See item 3d on the first page.

Media coverage:


Letís nip this in the bud. Letís email Town Council now and, if you can, show up at the Council meeting on Monday night.

Here is the email address that reaches all of Town Council at one time:

Suggested subject: OPPOSE any local gun control!

Talking points:

* This is a solution in search of a problem. Leesburg has not had any incidents that justify this infringement on the rights of the citizens of the Town

* Alexandriaís shooting went up 40% beginning the month their ordinance took effect and has stayed up. This ordinance will only embolden those bent on harming others

* Only 12 localities out of 194 (six percent) have passed this kind of local gun-control, putting the Town out of step with the vast majority of the state

* Parks have remote areas that police simply cannot cover or secure

* The Virginia Citizens Defense League currently has a lawsuit against Winchester over their ordinance. The NRA has a lawsuit against Fairfax County, similarly

* Gun-free zones are dangerous, as Virginia Beach found out when they had a massacre in one of their government buildings a couple of years ago

* Vote ďnoĒ on moving forward with a proposed ordinance

For those wishing to attend the meeting, look for someone handing out Gun Save Lives stickers. Here is the location:

Town Hall

25 West Market Street

Leesburg, VA 20176

NOTE: face masks are now required again in Town Hall, regardless of vaccination status
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