For the serious switchblade knife collector or researcher, is a 25 year old collection of material, which includes:

Five issue of The Automatic Knife Resource Guide and Newsletter. Every issue has at least one article on antique switchblades, the "Spring Steel" article, a letter from the editor, a list of knife shows, and several pages of ads from knife dealers & makers. Printed on heavy stock in black & white. Issues include w/ feature articles:
- Vol 5 No 4: Switches that Deliver (pistol / switchblades), Microtech USSOCOM, KA-BAR
- Vol 7 No 1: Made in Japan, Polish Demolition Knife, GT Knives
- Vol 7 No 2: Chuck Stewart, The UDT, Buck Quickblade
- Vol 7 No 3: Case Cool, Picklocks
- Vol 7 No 4: Pro Tech Knives, Jerry Rados, GT Knives

It's the Law! Compilation of state summaries concerning automatic knives from 1993, as an entry on Federal law, as well as a abstract of the Crowley Cutlery Co, v. U.S. case (7th Cir 1988). Bound with heavy stock 27pg.

Switchblade: The Ace of Blades by Ragnar Benson, Paladin Press 1989

Tenmill Industries sales material: five double sided pages of models and order form. original photocopy quality material.

All material is in excellent condition, showing minor shelf/storage wear, with the exception that one of the AKRGN has a small tear, approx 1/2" in the cover.

Asking $50
Shipping $9

Open to partial trades. Some things on my shopping list include:
- .22 handguns (LCR, LCP lite, Wrangler, CP-33, P-17)
- 20/28ga shotguns
- .32 Long / H&R Mag / .327 Mag handguns (LCR & Single Seven)
- AR 5.56 7"/10" upper or pistol
- C&R: especially S&W and Walther (no mosins)
- Threaded Take down .22 (10/22 backpacker)
- Ruger American Rimfire Compact threaded 8306
- S&W EZ380
- ?






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