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#866294 - 03/03/15 04:13 PM clarity please!
SHTFGunMan Offline
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I am a va resident selling a bolt action rifle. A "active duty military stationed in dc proper" wants to drive to me and buy my rifle. Would this be a legal private sale for me? Drivers license is from Florida but has registration and utility bills from NOVA.
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#866364 - 03/03/15 06:12 PM Re: clarity please! [Re: SHTFGunMan]
vthokie67 Offline
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Though I completely disagree with the law, an unlicensed person may only sell a firearm to an unlicensed resident of his state. Though it sounds like this "hero" qualifies for dual states of residency, FL by residence and DC by station, neither of those states is VA; therefore, a transfer is only allowed through a licensed person. I'm pretty sure this is the case.

On this note, you may find this article interesting.

#866520 - 03/03/15 11:20 PM Re: clarity please! [Re: SHTFGunMan]
SHTFGunMan Offline
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Registered: 01/14/13
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Indeed. Not worth my ***PLAY NICE***

When I mentioned the FFL was required, my gun was suddenly too expensive.

Also worth noting, this person has 2 verified transactions and 0 posts, a bit discerning.
That rug really tied the room together, did it not?

#867519 - 03/05/15 09:35 PM Re: clarity please! [Re: SHTFGunMan]
num1fordfan Offline

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if his orders place him at a virginia station then he would be gtg

#867540 - 03/05/15 10:22 PM Re: clarity please! [Re: SHTFGunMan]
rromeo Offline
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I may be wrong. I can't find it, but I thought they passed a law that if your duty station is DC and you live in Virginia, then you're a Virginia resident.
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#893171 - 05/03/15 12:40 AM Re: clarity please! [Re: SHTFGunMan]
Top_Prop Offline
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I'm In the military. Military are residents of the state they reside in and the state they vote in... Ie I'm born in Michigan but when I got stationed in Florida I turned in my Michigan Driver's license and registered to vote in Florida. I have a Florida drivers license and pay state income tax to Florida (which is zero). So legally I'm a Florida resident. When I moved to Virginia I got a Virginia address on my Florida drivers license and even put Virginia plates on one of my three cars. I get Virginia resident status and full rights of any Virginian... except I don't vote here nor am I required to pay income tax to Virginia. I do pay the car taxes and fees on my Virginia Tagged vehicle.

Also, if someone has orders to one state and reside in a bordering state they have full residency rights in the state they -live in- and some residency rights in the state they have orders to. For instance, a friend of mine lives just over the border in NC... he buys his guns from NC FFL holders. But he gets Virginia resident hunting licenses and hunts the military bases here with me. The point is he lives in NC, but his orders are to Virginia so he has rights in both states, but buys his guns in the state he lives in.

So if anyone has a military ID, orders to VA or a neighboring state, and proof of Virginia residency (any -one- of the following: any state drivers license with VA address, utility bill in there name with a Virginia address, a car registration with VA address, VA voters registration, etc), you can sell them guns just like you would any VA resident.

I've purchased multiple firearms and a silencer while here just with my Military ID, copy of my orders, and my Florida drivers license with my VA address. This also applies to the spouse of a military person. IE my wife can buy guns here with a copy of my orders, her dependent ID, and Florida drivers license with our VA address. This is a summary and generalization of federal law by the way.

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#918505 - 07/03/15 07:57 PM Re: clarity please! [Re: SHTFGunMan]
HeavyAssault Offline
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Last I knew VA private gun sales were private.

#918872 - 07/04/15 06:51 PM Re: clarity please! [Re: SHTFGunMan]
Agent19 Offline
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Please read section B.
Though it states "Dealer" the same proof would apply for private sales

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