Two SBRs

Posted by: Koenreich

Two SBRs - 02/04/19 07:04 PM

Nearly done fiddling with the fella on the top. Want to get a little more gas out of my face while running it suppressed and I’m not happy with the “twang” I’m getting from the buffer spring.

11.5” Aero complete 556 upper receiver
Radian Raptor charging handle
Magpul rail covers
Gemtech suppressed BCG with a BCM bolt
SilencerCo muzzlebrake
SilencerCo 7.62 Saker ASR

Spikes honey badger lower
Seekins precision LPK
Strike Industries takedown pins
KNS anti-rotation pins
Fostech Echo ARII trigger
Magpul BAD lever
Spikes T-2 buffer
Aero Precison spring
Magpul UBR 2.0 stock
Magpul pistol grip

The ‘lil guy on the bottom is “done”.

4.5” CMMG 22LR Banshee upper
Magpul vertical foregrip
AAC Element II suppressor
Holosun 510c Elite (Green) on top
Magpul MBUS Pro iron sights

VA Gun Trader lower
Seekins precision LPK
KNS anti-rotation pins
Strike Industries takedown pins
Franklin Armory BFSIII trigger
Magpul pistol grip
Magpul BAD lever
MFT minimalist stock
Boonie Packer “better mag” 15-22 magazine conversion

It looks kinda funny without the suppressor.

Posted by: Bcmgunfighter

Re: Two SBRs - 02/06/19 12:54 PM

The only thing that I can recommend for the twang is a JP Silent Capture... It works as advertised. I also like the that I no longer need that buffer detent.

I just ordered two of the new Lantac E-BCGs that are supposed to be super smooth in addition to supposedly reducing gas in the face from running a suppressor.

Nice builds!
Posted by: Koenreich

Re: Two SBRs - 02/06/19 09:40 PM

I had been avoiding going that route for some time, but I may just have to.

Thank you!
Posted by: bustedknee

Re: Two SBRs - 02/25/19 09:41 PM


I went with twin SBR's in 300 BLK.

The 8.5 inch barrel with the silencer (subsonic) is basically the same length gun as the 12.5 inch without a silencer (supersonic).

Easy to adapt when going from quiet to full-power and back.

Posted by: Cash is King

Re: Two SBRs - 02/26/19 09:38 AM

My 10" barrel in .458 Lott is dues back from my Smith very shortly (it will be on an AR-10 lower).

Action is limited to 2.800" (follow-up rounds (.458 American +/-)), but the first shot (single feed) hopefully will be enough.

Why .458 Lott?

Think versatility... shotgun shot loads... as well as big bullets.

I'll get up pics when I can.
Posted by: Koenreich

Re: Two SBRs - 03/02/19 10:30 AM

The nice thing about making an AR lower a SBR is that it gives you a lot of options moving forward. I decided to do two because I wanted to keep one as a dedicated 22lr rifle and I knew that I would be using the boonie packer 15-22 mag well conversion. The other lower is good for just about everything else.

I had considered doing another sbr with a 9mm AR lower but have been moving more in the direction of simplly putting my g45 on a form 1.
Posted by: Cash is King

Re: Two SBRs - 03/02/19 07:33 PM

My new custom barrels just arrived... ain't they BEAUTIFUL!

.458 Lott
Posted by: Koenreich

Re: Two SBRs - 03/10/19 06:48 PM

I put A LOT of 22LR though the AAC Element 2 before giving it a proper cleaning. I tried my ultrasonic cleaner for a while but it barely scratched the surface of the build up.

A wet tumbler with stainless steel pins was the next best option. It took a long time, but it got the job done.

After 6 hours in the tumbler:

These were the best two looking baffles.

After 30 hours and a little time with a dental pick:

It doesn’t take long with this 22LR SBR build, but I’ll have to clean a little more regularly than every 5,000 or so rounds in the future hehe