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AK Gunsmith - 12/26/21 10:00 AM

Anyone have recommendations on a good AK gunsmith near the Richmond area? Have a WASR with cycling issues and have checked all the common troubleshooting boxes. Thanks in advance.

Re: AK Gunsmith - 12/26/21 10:05 AM

TTI INTL in Glen Allen
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Re: AK Gunsmith - 01/20/22 11:05 AM

Originally Posted By: SDA_TRANSFERS
TTI INTL in Glen Allen

Got in touch with him, and he said it'd be 6 months or more. Anyone got other options?
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Re: AK Gunsmith - 01/20/22 02:19 PM

Rick is great and reasonably priced.

Most gunsmiths pick two:

Great work

TTI is close to all three.

Re: AK Gunsmith - 01/20/22 03:52 PM

Definitely worth the wait in my opinion. He has one of my builds now.
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Re: AK Gunsmith - 04/20/22 08:53 AM

Good morning, New American Arms @ 6017 West Broad Street = Richmond. They have an AK Guy I was told when I was there last week. 804 454 4867