FN Scar build

Posted by: ARLife

FN Scar build - 07/28/21 09:20 AM

So before i put on my flame suit hear me out. Yes a 20S is more accurate and yes the scope i picked would better compliment the 20S or another nice / high end AR10. With that being said i wanted a 308 on an AR style platform that i could shoot up to 500 yrd with decent groups. Not to mention i can throw an Elcan on it for shorter / field apps. Anyway here is the build sheet. Would be nice if I could post a pic of it LOL

1. Scar 17 S black 16.5 inch barrel strait out the box
2. Spuhr QD mount
3. Nightforce NXS 5.5-22 X 56
4. Atlas bipod but going to an Accutac
5. Geissele trigger
6. PMM battery assist, Grip, oversized mag release and rear QD mount
7. GG&G angled charging bolt