Should anyone need it

Posted by: AStrayToaster

Should anyone need it - 11/18/19 03:57 PM

I'm an IT professional (30 years in the field) and happy to help. I also have the ability to translate geek into English smile
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Re: Should anyone need it - 12/19/19 10:51 AM

an opinion from you would be helpful. Our Dell desktop is operating Windows7, Turbotax says no more support from Microsoft after 1/15???/20. We like a desktop, I have a decent laptop running Windows 10.
A friend who is fairly good with computers said to just upgrade this one? His wife works at VCU and can get a good price. We have enough memory free about 700GB's available to do this. This system is about 5 yrs old, replaced the fan 3 yrs ago.
What are your thoughts and opinions. Replace the system or upgrade to windows 10?
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Re: Should anyone need it - 12/31/19 06:07 AM

What do you do with the system? A nice machine from 5 years ago is still a solid midrange PC today. Depending on what specs you have in your system.. upgrading may very well be a valid thing for you.
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Re: Should anyone need it - 01/15/20 10:59 AM

thank you we upgraded last night.
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Re: Should anyone need it - 03/19/20 01:58 AM

Dang it, the forum doesn't notify me of replies to my offer, sorry for the delay, just remembered this.