Moving to Chester

Posted by: HOTBRASS

Moving to Chester - 04/11/19 02:44 PM

Where is a good place to shoot within an a half hour of Chester? Any good gun shops close by? New to the area and need some info. Thanks!
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Re: Moving to Chester - 04/17/19 08:57 AM

depending on where you are, colonial shooting academy on broad street and ftlee has a pow range every other sunday, call the vmail after 6pm to get time/date update, 20bucks for the day, bring your own stuff, ammo, paper targets, eye and ears, out to 80ish yards, no centerfire rifles over 556, can do pistol caliber carbines, pistols, 12g and etc, # 8047651631, its a cold range outdoors setup, gun shops you got liberty in Hopewell, dances in colonial hights, police town supply on hull st
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Re: Moving to Chester - 05/30/19 09:31 AM

The Smoking Gun in Colonial Heights is about 10-15 minutes from Chester. It is small but inexpensive and family friendly. They have military and first responder discounts and, unlike others in the area, they don't gouge you on ammo and targets.

I really like them because one of the operators is a female ex-cop - she is really nice to my 13 y/o daughter who is learning to shoot smile
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Re: Moving to Chester - 05/30/19 09:38 AM

There are a couple of good gun shops in Chesterfield within 10-15 minutes of Chester.

If you're into tactical stuff, Town Gun on Hull St. and Southern Police Equipment on Midlothian are good. I personally refer SPE: they have good deals on LE trade-in guns, and FFL transfers are inexpensive and quick. TG has a good selection of Ammo.

If you're a hunter, check out Bob's on Hull St. It is about 2 blocks from town gun. They do have some good deals on pistols, but they seem to focus more on hunting and fishing.
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Re: Moving to Chester - 08/07/19 11:03 PM

Thanks for the info. Town Police Supply has become my new favorite store!
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Re: Moving to Chester - 08/09/19 10:19 AM

i live in the chester area. and have some land in chesterfield we shoot on. feel free to shoot with us sometime.