New to Henrico!

Posted by: NaughtyDog

New to Henrico! - 06/07/21 04:51 PM

Hey y’all,

Wife and I moved down from Maryland about a month ago and we are both looking for an outdoor range to enjoy.

And help would be appreciated!
Posted by: Kjohn510

Re: New to Henrico! - 06/11/21 03:48 PM

Welcome! I also live in Henrico. Unfortunately I have found the outdoor range options to be pretty limited in this area.

Cavalier Rifle and Pistol Club is very nice, but private with a long waiting list. If you both are serious about wanting to shoot outdoors, this is a good long-term option to look into.

Other than that, finding someone with private land seems to be a popular choice around here.

Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions and I am happy to help if I can.
Posted by: trij

Re: New to Henrico! - 06/21/21 09:38 PM

You also have black creek in cold harbor and conservation park in Charles city with no waiting lists.