Gunsmith recommendation Chesterfield

Posted by: BullFrog26692

Gunsmith recommendation Chesterfield - 07/20/21 11:48 PM

Is anyone here a gunsmith or can recommend a gunsmith that can cut and re-thread a shotgun barrel? Tap and thread a shotgun receiver? Hydro dip a stock? Anyone have this kind of work done recently? How much would I be looking at? Thanks!
Posted by: rebeljake

Re: Gunsmith recommendation Chesterfield - 07/21/21 09:50 AM

recommend checking w Rapture Tactical in Ashland.
They are partnered w a Vet who does smithing, has for many years.
I have not personally had him do any work, but he has good rep and has helped me w specific guidance in the past.

Rapture Tac are good people, Christian run business.
I believe they offer some wrapping/stippling type services.
Glen Allen, VA 23059

open 10-5 M-F
closed Sat-Sun
Posted by: BullFrog26692

Re: Gunsmith recommendation Chesterfield - 07/21/21 02:53 PM

Just called them thank you. Iím going to call a few more places. Hoping I can do better than $40 per hole for a tap and thread. $160 sounds high, but I havenít had any work done in a long time.
Posted by: ChrisC

Re: Gunsmith recommendation Chesterfield - 08/09/21 08:51 PM

Avoid Hall Precision in Fredericksburg. Lousy work and worse communication.
Posted by: Richards

Re: Gunsmith recommendation Chesterfield - 08/09/21 09:10 PM

Ashland firearms. Be very patient on getting the work done but it will be right