Pin and Weld?

Posted by: MooN77

Pin and Weld? - 12/22/21 11:37 AM

Hey guys, I've got a 14.5 ar coming to me and I need to remove the pinned and welded muzzle device for a new one. Who's the best in the area to get this work done?
Posted by: vahnatai

Re: Pin and Weld? - 01/03/22 03:17 AM

Nobody local. Got quotes as high as $200 with like a month turn around. ADCO charges $30-80 depending on the muzzle device + return shipping. The last item I sent to them was done and shipped back out to me the same day they received it. From me shipping it out to being back at my door step was less than a week.
Posted by: MooN77

Re: Pin and Weld? - 01/06/22 11:59 AM

Awesome, thanks for the info! I'll check out ADCO.
Posted by: ChrisC

Re: Pin and Weld? - 01/09/22 07:32 PM

ADCO is good, so is Ranier Arms