Sig P210 US

Posted by: XDSbob

Sig P210 US - 04/02/19 06:52 PM

Just got this sweet P210 US. Anyone else have one?
Posted by: wiskytango

Re: Sig P210 US - 04/02/19 07:32 PM

One of three

Posted by: sousana

Re: Sig P210 US - 04/08/19 03:51 PM

I've got 2 P210-6 models. One I use the other new in the box.

Great pieces ain't they?
Posted by: wscrst

Re: Sig P210 US - 05/15/19 01:19 AM

My hands do not fit around the P210A. The grips look and feel nice, but I cannot lock down a firm grip. I read that Sig might be coming out with smaller grips in addition to a less expensive P210A with less opulent grips. Has anyone heard about new grips for this fine firearm?
Posted by: XDSbob

Re: Sig P210 US - 06/27/19 05:17 AM

There is a cheaper model than the target version I have. The grips are flatter and slimmer. I saw one in shop recently.