Smith & Wesson Value

Posted by: RobN

Smith & Wesson Value - 09/08/21 09:31 AM

Anyone know how to properly value a Smith & Wesson revolver?

Got a 586 no dash with a 4" barrel that was sent back to S&W for hand engraving and refinishing, have packet from S&W that they sent back with the gun. Don't have the original grips, but have a nice rosewood aftermarket set. Trying to see what the value range on it would be to see if it would be worth listing here.

Can post pics if someone can evaluate based on that.
Posted by: VicodinES

Re: Smith & Wesson Value - 11/11/21 08:02 AM

I had to provide a general range of prices for my firearms for my insurance, since I was adding them as a high value rider. I looked up prices on what guns sold for on Gunbroker, and got a fairly accurate match to what the insurance agent was able to get via bluebook. Granted, these are old boring wheel guns that don't get the gouging fest that the latest and greatest guns get.
Posted by: rromeo

Re: Smith & Wesson Value - 11/11/21 07:51 PM

It's tough to give help on these sort of guns. They are obviously less common, so finding comparable sales is harder. Then, they have increased value to some, but the market is therefore smaller. The S&W factory paperwork is a big plus.
You will likely have better answers on a Smith & Wesson specific message board
Posted by: Kandroo

Re: Smith & Wesson Value - 12/27/21 04:51 AM

GunDigest lists a Model 586 (Pre-Lock) as $600 in VG condition and $1,100 in EXC condition. No specifics given re: replacement parts or refinishing. S&W Forum or message boards (mentioned above) is probably best, and you can see what others are selling for on GunBroker, GunsInternational, GunsAmerica, to get an overall idea of market value.