High Capacity Magazines...... ???

Posted by: MadRiver001

High Capacity Magazines...... ??? - 01/13/21 09:27 AM

Sorry, I must have missed something but, I 'thought' that Gov Northam made high capacity magazines illegal in the state of Va. starting Jan 1st 2021............ ???
I was in the big shooting range located in Manassas, Va. Monday...... they had plenty of high capacity MAGPUL magazines open on the shelves available for purchase.

What Gives........ ??
Posted by: Va Hunter

Re: High Capacity Magazines...... ??? - 01/13/21 06:01 PM

The bill banning them and so called assualt rifles was carried over until this session which begins next week.
Posted by: MadRiver001

Re: High Capacity Magazines...... ??? - 01/13/21 06:32 PM

Thank You, Va Hunter.
Let's hope some 'SENSE' has filtered into Richmond.
Millions of criminals created with the stroke of a pen just does not seem 'real'.
Posted by: Jimmm

Re: High Capacity Magazines...... ??? - 06/04/21 05:58 PM

Any update on this?

Ignorance of the law is not excusable reason for law violation. But what if 10 blue donít know the law and even make up ye laws and 10 blacks need to charge you $500+ an hour for several hours to research the law, then is it really the law or a rumor?

Some days even the fudd revolver is an assault weapon.
Posted by: MailDotCom

Re: High Capacity Magazines...... ??? - 06/07/21 10:59 PM


The law actually states now all magazines must hold at least 10 rounds. There are exemptions for LE and citizens with proof of vaccination. I have been using a Long John Silver's coupon I keep in a professional looking billfold and flash it quickly, they never really check.

Also the bed ridden due to morbid obesity can now legally concealed carry without a permit as long as it's chambered in 40SW and they have not taken a handgun class.
Posted by: rromeo

Re: High Capacity Magazines...... ??? - 06/08/21 06:30 AM

Thanks. That's what my manager's father-in-law's next door neighbor overheard at the barbershop, so it's obviously true.