Photo Uploads.

Posted by: Irish7911

Photo Uploads. - 05/21/22 07:27 AM

I understand the need to limit file sizes for ads. But this limitation was probably written when there was a serious shortage of disk space, memory and the ability of the operating system to support larger photo hosting..
What Is Also a limitation is the types of files allowed, (Going back to the 1980s file shares systems.)
I STRONGLY Suggest that 1, additional file types be permitted (Like JPEG) and that SOME enlargement of files storage
is allowed (3.91 Meg harkens back to Windows 7 Server Limitations. which was a LONG time ago.)
Additionally there is a Major bug in the File Uploads. Any attempt (even in good order) which results in a Failure sets a flag
against the Advertiser which then permits NO uploads of photo files on any ad from that user. Perhaps that should be looked at?