Cane Self defense

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Cane Self defense - 10/24/18 09:31 PM

I'm looking for someone that teaches "cane" self-defense.

Any leads?

Any interest?
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Re: Cane Self defense - 10/30/18 07:26 PM

I walk with a cane but carry a .45 for defense
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Re: Cane Self defense - 11/01/18 05:02 PM

I carry a gun as well. And I work at refining my shooting skills all the time.

However, that cane is not only in my hand and ready for action at all times it can go places the gun cannot, like airplanes, schools and courtrooms.
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Re: Cane Self defense - 02/03/19 02:50 PM

What is your mobility like? I ask because most places that teach self defense are expecting you to be able to do some karate type moves.

There are some places that offer krav maga which is really hand to hand, but they will also do general self defense.
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Re: Cane Self defense - 01/15/20 09:23 AM

The whole of Aikido focuses heavily on balance, timing and much more. Folks who cannot do all of the involved work due to physical issues the weapons part of the discipline uses sticks and staffs.

Aikido Weapons Techniques: The Wooden Sword, Stick and Knife of Aikido
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Re: Cane Self defense - 04/15/20 11:53 AM

I taught hand to hand combat for about 15 years. There are many more experienced than me but here is my opinion. Take it for what you will. My recommendation is find a school or person that is teaching Kali stick fighting (Escrima sticks). You can also take a class that will teach you a weapons form such as straight sword in Kung Fu or staff BUT you must move on and find a school or person that will actually teach sparring classes with weapons. Actual fighting is the key. The problem is that not many places are willing to teach weapons fighting because of liability. Lastly, a lot of fakes out there so beware.
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Re: Cane Self defense - 05/25/20 06:12 PM

There is a man (retired Marine) who actually teaches a cane class to folks for self defense purposes. I will try and find him and get his info for you. He lives in powhatan.
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Re: Cane Self defense - 06/20/20 07:35 PM

Originally Posted By: SgtSquishySquash
There is a man (retired Marine) who actually teaches a cane class to folks for self defense purposes. I will try and find him and get his info for you. He lives in powhatan.

Sounds like what I'm looking for.

I've invested in quality ash wood cans, weighted for proper orientation, "rough strips" on the front edge for scraping, quality secured tips for punching as well as traction.

I'm hoping for some proven procedures for hook use and blocking as well as baton tips.

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Re: Cane Self defense - 11/14/20 06:28 PM

You can kill someone quite easily with a cane. Its horribly vicious but then again people can be horribly vicious.

If you need to protect your life when your life is at stake.
So... I will start with this.
Stand erect and square to your target with that cane in both hands and your arms straight and low. This is an unassuming, non threatening position. When the tracker comes forward you step forward and ram that vane into his abdomen. When he bends over ram one end straight up underneath his throat/chin using both hands. You want to drive the cane into his brain. Like I said horribly vicious.
Just because its much more physical doesn't mean that its less vicious than defense with a handgun.
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Re: Cane Self defense - 11/14/20 06:58 PM

2A is the reason this falls under the humor section. Cane is a restricted weapon if used as a weapon. Get yourself a CHP and let the Wolf pack protects you. When a lone or even pack of coyotes at your heels, you’ll be glad you’ve a pack Wolfs instead of having to rely on that long lost stamina king surrounded to the couch, tv, and stupid garden.