Special Session August 2020.

Posted by: Scar1799

Special Session August 2020. - 06/08/20 04:12 PM

Possible special session in August of 2020. 2021 HB961/SB16 style bill will be back for sure.

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Re: Special Session August 2020. - 06/10/20 04:36 AM

Yes... he vowed that he will come after "AR" platforms next. Aint gonna happen... but he has shown his hand in tyranny. Funny thing is... those in the places that voted for him (and others in "office")... are arming themselves now. I say... Let a socialist ideology die in its own construction and merit. Let that mentality prove itself wrong... People must stand on social principle like what is vested in us, according to the social contract of the constitution of We the People. It is a huge responsibility. If we dont carry it... we will lose it. It is an obligation of responsibility and accountability. If we hand that power over to those that want to decide that for us. We will lose it all. Much Love!
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Re: Special Session August 2020. - 09/04/20 10:10 PM

The governor is in violation of Article I section 8 clause 17 of the corporate charter he swore and oath to. That corporate charter limits the power of the UNITED STATES FEDERAL CORPORATION in D.C., politicians, bar attorneys and corporations.
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Re: Special Session August 2020. - 09/05/20 09:57 AM

How many have sent public officials affidavits in an administrative process, charging them with their crimes, or sent and official notice of their violations of the corporate charter they swore and oath to, no one is going to defend your rights, you will do it or you will have none. You were born with your rights no one, not the Constitution, not even a god can give you rights. The people have become to complacent, they have time for all the nonsense in the world but none to study organic Law, codes, rules, regulations, statutes which is not Law, it is only corporate rules, and the supreme court has ruled many times they are unconstitutional and invalid, further they are enforcing admiralty law on the people when admiralty only applies to the sea and not the land or the people, they do this in kangaroo courts under the guise of a statutory jurisdiction, if you read the real Law, the Constitution for the united states of America, you will see that it does not allow a statutory jurisdiction. No politician, bar attorney, kangaroo court, corporation has jurisdiction over you, unless you give it, and 99.9% do out of ignorance of the Law not law.