Youth Turkey Weekend

Posted by: COUNTRY

Youth Turkey Weekend - 03/26/19 11:23 PM

Please take a young guy or gal out this year, The Season starts April 6 and this is a great way to get our youth out in the great outdoors.

There nothing like seeing the look on a kids face when a Big Gobbler sounds off just as the sun is coming up on a cool April Morning.

After the morning hunt make a day of it by hitting a river or pond for some pan size bream or cast for some shad in the tidal rivers.

Good luck and please post some pictures, Even if no one get's a bird its great to see those kid pictures in Camo ftw
Posted by: Va Hunter

Re: Youth Turkey Weekend - 03/27/19 02:59 PM

After all the timber cutting around me combined with all the coyotes I can't seem to control, chances of seeing a turkey are about the same as flushing a covey of quail. Up until a couple years ago I could count on being back to house by 8:00am on opening morning. Last turkey I killed was a few years ago and he weighed a tad over 24 pounds. Must have been an omen.
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Re: Youth Turkey Weekend - 03/30/19 01:23 AM

Why would anyone want to hunt youth turkeys???

Just kidding. I am over-run with turkeys here in SW. I haven't shot one in several years.

My wife's rule: Critters in the yard belong to me and they are off limits to hunting. When they go up on the mountain they are fair game - help yourself, up there.

I can't convince myself to climb the mountain when my yard is full of turkeys!

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Re: Youth Turkey Weekend - 04/07/19 01:48 PM

We had a great morning on opening day of youth turkey season.I took a first time hunter out and he was able to get his first turkey.

20lb. Double Bearded bird.
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Re: Youth Turkey Weekend - 04/09/19 07:31 PM

Atta boy! Glad you guys had luck. Birds hit ground and zigged away from us.

Good luck this weekend!