Posted by: jpa0118

Tsmith82 - 12/30/14 01:54 PM

Dude hits me up, offers cash on a gun. We agree on a date, time and trade plus cash amount. He texts me morning of the trade and tells me he found the gun new cheaper and farther away and implies that I am trying to rip him off (no transaction has occurred). Ignores my texts and PMs when I try to contact him to see if he is still interested or to try and work something out. Texts me 1 hour after the agreed meet time to say he isn't interested.
Posted by: BobVA

Re: Tsmith82 - 12/30/14 02:52 PM

PM sent to Tsmith82 inviting him to respond.

Others not involved in this transaction are NOT to respond.
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Re: Tsmith82 - 01/03/15 10:05 AM

We worked it out. Ended making a deal. Showed up at the agreed upon time and place without any issues.