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dirtdiver6789 - 01/03/15 11:15 AM

Had a deal set up with dirtdiver, he did not show up, call or email. I have given him a chance to call or email, it shows that he read my emails. Below are the emails.

I will take it and can meet you today.
thanks Joe

Sorry I just saw this however it is still available

Good morning, when would you like t meet?
Thanks, you can text me at xxx xxx xxxx if you like?

When could you meet and where?

I could meet tomorrow around noon at Gander Mnt. on Rt. 3

Sorry I just saw this today and don't have the firearm with me since I am at work

How about tomorrow same time and place?

I work tomorrow until 3

ok 330?

It's gonna take me awhile to get down there. I work at Quantico.

Ok, see you when you get here, I am driving a blue impala. xxx-xxx-xxxx

Are you going to make it today, please call I have been here waiting
804 933 9891

It's 530 going back home


I have 4 hours and a tank of gas in this deal, do you want to deal or not, its for my wife. If you dont I will keep looking for a gun for her, just let me know,

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Re: dirtdiver6789 - 01/03/15 11:49 AM

PM sent to dirtdiver6789 inviting him to respond.

Others not involved in this transaction ARE NOT TO RESPOND
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Re: dirtdiver6789 - 01/03/15 01:12 PM

I am sorry for the confusion with this transaction from what I got from our conversation we had not agreed on a specific time for a meet. Driving from quantico to Fredericksburg to get the gun and then to Gander mountain in a half hour is not feasible. I would like to make good on this deal again I am sorry for the confusion. Usually have good luck on here with being able to make a meet and sell or trade whatever firearm is listed however this time I have dealt with individuals that want me to go far enough out of my area that the transaction wouldn't be worth it. Again I am sorry for the confusion!
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Re: dirtdiver6789 - 01/03/15 01:58 PM

I am the one who drove an hour and 15 min. each way to your area, I waited two hours, not half hour. I gave you my number twice, you did not give me any way to reach you other then Gun Trader. You agreed to the meeting place. A call or email would be the norm, and has been with all my deals on Gun Trader.
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Re: dirtdiver6789 - 01/03/15 03:16 PM

I am very sorry for the inconvenience this caused
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Re: dirtdiver6789 - 01/03/15 03:19 PM

Thank you and good luck.\
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thanks you too