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Mosinshooter91 - 10/24/15 07:04 PM

Mosinshooter contacted me about my rifle. He said he'd pay 200 for it (that was the asking price so cool). He said the wallmart in chantilly at 6. I messaged him and said I wasn't sure where that was at, no response. I messaged him stating I thought I found the right one and gave him my number, no answer. Showed up at the walmart there by the expo center at the agreed time, he no showed. I gave him 15 minutes and then left.. wasn't gonna waste my time with someone who has stood up 2 other members as well. In his defense, he said he wanted to check out the rifle to see if it was in firing condition (what the meet was for) but I took it that he was looking to buy if it was.

Just confirmation, he no showed with no call, no pm.
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Re: Mosinshooter91 - 10/24/15 07:21 PM

PM sent to Mosinshooter inviting him to respond.

Others not involved in this transaction are NOT to respond.
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scythefwd never confirmed the meetup before I left to work where I do not have access to a computer. I have sent him a pm informing him that I am still willing to purchase the rifle. It seems like ever since I revieved my first negative feedback which I well deserved members are really quick to jump the gun and leave me negative feedback. I have made multiple transactions on this website this year which I never gave or revieved feedback over and I do not want people to think that I am on hear to screw anyone.
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Re: Mosinshooter91 - 10/24/15 10:31 PM

Both parties responded, thread locked.