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Vagunfan16245 - 04/22/16 10:57 PM

Vagunfan16245 and I had a deal, I was buying 3 Glock Mags from him and he was going to mail them to me, we agreed to use PayPal, then he sold them to someone else. Here is the email trail below. Looking at his feedback he has done this before, beware of this guy!


I will buy your mags if you will ship, may fit in a $5.00 flat rate box.
Do you take pay pal?

Thanks Joe 9:52PM LAST NIGHT

Is this in reference to the Glock magazines or Ak47 1:49PM. TODAY

Sorry glock 17 mags. 1:53PM TODAY

Yeah, that should work fine then. I accept paypal. Let me know if you want to proceed and I'll send my paypal e-mail. I am available to ship them out today 1:58PM. TODAY

Yes that will work. Please send email.

Thanks Joe. 2:19PM. TODAY

Sorry for the slow reply. The Glock mags have been sold. 7:05PM TODAY
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Re: Vagunfan16245 - 04/23/16 09:09 AM

PM sent to Vagunfan16245 inviting him to respond.

Others not involved in this transaction are NOT to respond.
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Re: Vagunfan16245 - 05/05/16 12:00 PM

Member has been banned for multiple negative feedbacks with no response.

Word to the wise. We are cracking down. We expect honesty and integrity from our members in all transactions of this site.