Armslist SCAMMER

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Armslist SCAMMER - 05/02/16 08:45 PM

A few weeks ago I (stupidly) made a mail order deal with a private seller in California. We connected via Armslist and the deal was to buy his Springfield V16. The add sounded legit but I ignored the warning signs of not wanting to use PayPal.. But I passed it off as PayPal not wanting to deal with firearms. I ended up (stupidly.. Again) sending a money order and the scammer on the other side was even "kind enough" to let me know that he got it and would be shipping the gun the next day. That was the last I heard of him. I recently discovered the ad AGAIN posted on armslist and marked it as a scam. He was located in San Fransicsco, California and the second time I saw the ad (this week) it was listed from Sacramento. I notified the local authorities in the town where I sent the money order. They had an ID in the system with a matching name and address but they think someone may have stolen the mans identity and had been watching his mailbox. I will let you all know of any updates. I went against my better judgement here for the love of the gun and lost out big time... I hope no one else makes the same stupid mistake that I did.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 05/02/16 09:19 PM

Sorry to hear that RUGGIERO.

A friend of mine from Florida was also scammed on Armslist when he sent a MO to purchase an AMT Baby AutoMag. I have always heard nothing but bad things in regards to Armslist.

I hope you can get your money back my friend.
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Sorry to hear you were scammed. Posting here is a good idea to warn our membership and will hopefully prevent anymore victims from being taken.

Go ahead and add the scammers contact information and details. If you edit the thread title search engines will display in the results.

Thread title: Armslist SCAMMER, name, email, address, phone number etc
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 05/03/16 07:11 AM

Armslist scammers have been using Gunbroker user pics to make the scam more real. Always ask for more pics then ask them to take more. If they cannot deliver then it is probably a scam.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 05/03/16 12:02 PM

I usually buy off of gunbroker. If you buy from their auction and you get scammed. Gunbroker will cover All except a $100. Also gunbroker has feed back similar to vaguntrader so you get an idea on who you are dealing with. Last thing always deal with United States postal service money orders. I say this because not only stealing the money is a felony but your messing with a federal agency as well. Plus United States postal service has their own law enforcement agency that in theory should start an investigation. I'm not a 100% sure on the usps money order but I feel better about using it.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 05/04/16 09:25 AM

Armslist is rife with scammers. I would say on a weekly basis there are users (in VA specifically) that post false ads. Just recently there was a gentlemen who posted a norinco side folder for sale. He alleged he was located in Richmond, but refused to allow me to see the rifle face to face prior to purchase. He insisted that the rifle be shipped to an FFL (versus meeting at one face to face to complete the deal).

Here are a few tips to check for scammer:

-Ask for the mailing address where payment is to be sent
- google the address (use street view to check for type of house, run down/foreclosed/etc)
-with the name provided to a check on whitepages and see if the address and name match up.
-if all of that lines up, ask them to provide a copy of a utility bill in their name at that address.

Finally, if you are set to do the deal, contact local LE and ask them if they could send a patrol over to the house to make sure it's occupied and by the name of the person you are dealing with.

It's a pain in the **I'm an idiot**, but as my grandpa said "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

sorry about your loss bro.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 05/05/16 06:44 PM

that's a whole lot of bs to do, how about ask for a copy of his ffl or his dealers ffl and verify on the atf website. google the name on the postal money order, it is almost always the actual name of the scammer bc they have to be able to cash it to be effective. if you google it and it comes up with a bunch of complaints of fraud,, then you know. most of these people don't hide their identity, they just know it is a pain in the butt for you to actually go after them over a small amount of money.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 06/21/16 07:17 PM

Something I do to check the legitimacy of Armslist listings, I use Google Chrome. In chrome you can right click a photo and search for that photo or similar photos posted elsewhere via google image search. If its a photo from another website or older/closed auction listing, its a scam.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 09/09/16 11:25 PM

Deal face to face with good ole VGT members and don't worry about the BS!!
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 09/27/16 11:52 AM

I NEVER send money , check , etc to anyone like that , it's always ftf , cash in hand . I had one a few weeks ago that wouldn't even talk on the phone or meet ftf cash , they demanded sent to an FFL , but They expect me to send them my money and they walk , and this was in Fredericksburg ! I told him I'd meet him at an FFL of his choice , of course no response then so I reported it and it got removed , burns my butt
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 09/30/16 01:47 AM

Originally Posted By: 2nd.amend
Deal face to face with good ole VGT members and don't worry about the BS!!

Yep, FTF here and on Armslist. If you must buy a gun from out of state use Gunbroker and check that feedback. I've purchased several hard to find guns on GB and have never had a problem. I prefer to deal FTF if it's something that isn't so hard to get. I've met a lot of good people here but just like anywhere else there is always a few flakes around (no-show at meet points).
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 11/01/16 11:16 PM

Please report mail fraud to the postmaster.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 11/02/16 11:08 AM

Watch for guy on arms list Joseph lampugnano tried to get me for a gun want me to send in mail he was sending cashier's check I went against my better judgement told him to **I'm voting for Hillary** off Google the name not first time
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 11/03/16 10:12 PM

Originally Posted By: joker84
Watch for guy on arms list Joseph lampugnano tried to get me for a gun want me to send in mail he was sending cashier's check I went against my better judgement told him to **I'm voting for Hillary** off Google the name not first time
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 11/04/16 06:03 AM

Yeah i've had him reply to my Armslist post's . Told him to GFY
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 11/04/16 07:43 PM

he did reply to a few I had as well
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 01/06/17 10:03 AM

UPDATE: The authorities in California have found the scammer and are forwarding the case to the local DA. Apparently he scammed dozens of people so it turned into a large case. I'll keep you all updated with any details that I receive.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 01/28/17 08:42 PM

That is a nightmare for sure Ruggiero. People that steal your money should be hanged! I've done a few transactions out of state on Armslist, but I've always insisted on sending the money order to the sellers FFL. Before I do that I contact the FFL and make sure everything is on the up and up and make sure the FFL is on board with shipping the gun in the condition as promised as soon as my money order arrives. This has worked for me on three expensive purchases.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 03/19/17 02:59 AM

That's great ruggiero,,,, I hope they burn that California tree huggin piece of **I miss Obama**,,,
He was prob a liberal anti gun crazy that scammed hard working Americans out of money while looting, vandalizing, and burning the American flag during the election. He deserves the worst
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 03/24/17 10:28 AM

tizoapp Beware of this guy he replied to WTB ad I placed on another sight asked me to reply to his e-mail He joined the sight Tuesday and has no posts nothing
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 03/25/17 05:31 AM

Report any suspicious activity to Moderators.

Click any names in blue at the bottom right of this page to send a pm.

Include names, email addresses, postal address, phone numbers and copy and paste the pm or email and any details regarding the contact.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 03/25/17 06:47 PM

Good way I've done business with people who are adamant about money order: Have them take a picture of the gun with their name and address,or a photo ID-more sure, next to it. Anyone who's legit about the transaction wouldn't mind doing that.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 06/04/17 10:34 PM

I hope it works out for you ruggiero
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 06/07/17 09:34 PM

Thanks stockram... I'll keep all you guys updated
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Originally Posted By: RUGGIERO
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 06/19/17 01:06 PM


we want details and pictures of the perp cause VGT LOVES DRAMA!!!
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 06/25/17 10:31 PM

Hello ?
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 09/08/17 10:09 AM

Another update, still waiting on the pre-trial hearing. The defense has continued to push back the court date. I'll keep you guys informed of any status changes to the case.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 10/29/17 06:07 PM

Unfortunately, if you get scammed, the odds of getting your money back are distressingly low. This is true even if they're prosecuted and convicted, since you can't get blood out of a turnip. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 12/09/17 03:26 PM

Still no update from the court, the defendant and his lawyer have been delaying trial
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 12/18/18 05:15 PM


Interested to know what ended up happening.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 02/04/19 07:28 AM

UPDATE: The defendant was found not-guilty on ALL felony charges and found guilty on all misdemeanor charges. Still no contact from the court house regarding re-imbursement. Sentencing has not been held yet.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 02/09/19 02:57 PM

That's truly F'd up! I guess in California, since he scammed gun owners, the courts were cool with that? Jus smack him on the hands for stealin' gun owners money and a promise not to do it that jus sucks Ruggiero. Maybe in the sentencing the court will order him to reimburse each gun owner scammed?
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 04/04/19 06:52 PM

My neighbor got scammed on a Scar, talked to the guy, sounded Italian, heavy accent broken English.
Sent money just like OP the guy said it was being shipped, had the nerve to say sorry its taking so long the wife sent it USPS instead of UPS. Finally when it was long enough to know it would never come the guy told him "you will never see a gun, your crazy Americans and your weapons of mass destruction you deserve to be scammed. local PD getting it going but they say its likely he is out the money.
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 09/29/19 08:41 PM

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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 11/05/19 02:59 PM

Still havenít heard a thing...
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 11/05/19 05:36 PM

So what who is this very mysterious scammer you dont wanna reveal his identity

Members been asking over 3 yrs now

Do you have a gag order?
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Re: Armslist SCAMMER - 11/12/19 01:21 PM