WTB Hodgdon H335 Powder

Posted by: shauttj

WTB Hodgdon H335 Powder - 04/25/22 06:29 AM

Looking for some Hodgdon H335 powder. Prefer to buy an 8lb bottle but one pounders are ok too.
Posted by: Skiggy22

Re: WTB Hodgdon H335 Powder - 05/13/22 12:44 PM

I have some H335 and other powders/primers for sale
Posted by: shauttj

Re: WTB Hodgdon H335 Powder - 06/12/22 08:04 PM

Wow, canít believe I missed this. Thanks for the heads up though. Still looking to buy some though.
Posted by: Phoenixgunner4141

Re: WTB Hodgdon H335 Powder - 06/16/22 07:10 AM

In stock now
Posted by: Cajuntec

Re: WTB Hodgdon H335 Powder - 06/16/22 08:56 PM

Currently in stock at:

Midsouth for $33.64 / pound -


Brownells for $40.99 / pound -


Hodgdon (Direct) for $41.59 / pound or $292.23 / 8 pound -


I've got a bottle that weighs .95 lbs (including the bottle weight) right now. I used it for a little 6.8 SPC, but then sold my 6.8 and I'm not using it for anything else. If interested, I'd trade it for something, or sell it for $30 if you want to come to Williamsburg to get it. I know that's a drive with gas prices right now. But if you need it, I have a single.

All the best,
Posted by: shauttj

Re: WTB Hodgdon H335 Powder - 06/17/22 10:33 AM

Hey thanks for the response. I ended up buying 16lbs directly from the Hodgdon site.