Wytheville Gun Show

Posted by: Racin Junkie

Wytheville Gun Show - 04/24/22 09:34 PM

Vaguntrader.com is going to have a table at this event.
Will be setting up Friday afternoon, will post location then.
Bring your guns & gun related things for sale( or trade).
PM me for more info if needed.

Racin Junkie

Posted by: rromeo

Re: Wytheville Gun Show - 04/26/22 07:42 PM

Thanks. I will try to make it down for that.
Posted by: Geronimo869

Re: Wytheville Gun Show - 04/28/22 11:38 AM

I'll be there Saturday.
Posted by: Racin Junkie

Re: Wytheville Gun Show - 04/28/22 09:32 PM

Are you bringing stuff to sell? pm sent.
Posted by: shootergdv

Re: Wytheville Gun Show - 04/30/22 03:59 PM

Hope to make the show tomorrow - looks like I'll get wet !

Hope there are some good food vendors - Hardee's biscuit wears off after 125 miles !
Posted by: 762FMJ

Re: Wytheville Gun Show - 05/02/22 05:32 PM

I know this was the first show there. Was trying to go but things got in the way! How was it? Would it have been worth the drive from Martinsville?


Posted by: Racin Junkie

Re: Wytheville Gun Show - 05/04/22 06:07 PM

Hopefully they learned a few lessons from the first experience.

While dust was not as big a problem as I thought it would be, they put large tarps down over most of the floor.

The dirt floor was very uneven & hard to walk on for some folks(including myself).