M1 Garand rebarreling

Posted by: rabauser

M1 Garand rebarreling - 03/16/21 01:01 AM

I recently traded a family member for an M1 Garand. The barrel has import markings on it, and seems to be worn. Still shootable but probably lost some it's accuracy. I was thinking of getting a different barrel for it. Anyone know a gunsmith around NOVA who does this?
Posted by: Verylargeboots

Re: M1 Garand rebarreling - 03/16/21 08:12 AM

Gus's Garands is your best bet but he usually has a 6 month lead time. If you are mechanically inclined, I encourage you to buy the tools and do it yourself, it isn't too terribly complicated. I'd he happy to walk you through the process if you choose to DIY
Posted by: shootergdv

Re: M1 Garand rebarreling - 04/07/21 10:58 PM

Not local, but good.