A5 restoration

Posted by: ktyhawk

A5 restoration - 09/04/21 08:37 AM

My son has been given my grandfather's A5 shotgun. It is from the early 30's and still runs well. That said, some of the screws have become loose and the gun just needs an overall good refurb. I don't know squat about these things. I am a simple pump shotgun guy.

Can anyone recommend a good person to go through this gun that is in the central/easter VA area? I'd like to keep this in the Richmond/Williamsburg areas if possible.

Thank you in advance!
Posted by: JHW

Re: A5 restoration - 09/05/21 07:34 PM

Sorry can't help with in VA but if you do a search for Art's gun shop you will find them . They do excellent work. If I had a Browning that I thought a lot of it would be going to them .
Posted by: ktyhawk

Re: A5 restoration - 09/06/21 12:31 PM

If I can't find someone local, Art's looks like a good alternative. Thanks!
Posted by: num1fordfan

Re: A5 restoration - 09/14/21 01:51 AM

Larrys gun repair in dinwiddie is pretty good