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STOLEN GLOCK 19 - REWARD $500 - 12/10/18 08:48 PM


Last week, someone came onto my property and broke into my car and stole a Glock 19 gen 4 out of my glovebox, along with some cash. I live in Richmond, VA. Out of principle, I am willing to pay a $500 reward to get it back. I could buy a new one this time of year for that amount, but it would be worth every penny to be get it back and to have any leads on who did it. In fact, knowing who it did it would be worth $500 alone, with or without the gun.

It is a gen 4 with a gold bead Vickers front sight, a custom Kydex holster, and speer Gold Dot in the mag.
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Re: STOLEN GLOCK 19 - REWARD $500 - 02/11/21 01:33 AM

Increased to $1000 reward. Serial begins with BCR. Lead me to it, whatever the condition, and I will pay you the reward.
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Re: STOLEN GLOCK 19 - REWARD $500 - 02/13/21 07:01 PM

Do you have a serial #? You could also list it on
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Re: STOLEN GLOCK 19 - REWARD $500 - 04/08/21 12:45 AM

Bump. It is on hotgunz.