Need info on 1 3/4 shot shell

Posted by: gunslinger123

Need info on 1 3/4 shot shell - 03/27/22 09:23 AM

I recently bought a Charles Daly pump shotgun. The question is can be one and three quarter inch (1 3/4) or two inch (2) shotshell be used in it? It is a 3 in chamber. I don't see that the smaller shell is an issue as diameter is the same. Only wonder if there are any issues with extraction, ext
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Re: Need info on 1 3/4 shot shell - 04/28/22 03:57 PM

I know that Mossberg 500/590s have the Opsol minishell adaptor for more reliable feeding, but not sure about the charles daly:
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Re: Need info on 1 3/4 shot shell - 04/28/22 05:47 PM

Extraction will not be a problem, however, feeding from the magazine tube, into the lifter and into the chamber, you will likely run into some issues. I know the Charles Daly is pretty much an 870 clone, is the lifter solid like an 870 or "skeletonized" like a 500/590?
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Re: Need info on 1 3/4 shot shell - 05/13/22 07:56 AM

The minis are pretty short and besides a break open, the opsol adapter in the Moss is the way to go to keep it reliable.

I have just dropped an occasional one in the chamber on a remington. Eventually trying to cycle an entire tube would have it choke or jam a little.

You could also try Minibuck from Nobel Sport. 6 pellet of 00 buck at 1250 fps, a 2 1/4" shell. May be "long enough" to chamber reliably if you are cycling an entire tube.

I didn't find the grouping to be that impressive but your shoulder will notice the difference.

I've found the mini 1 3/4" shells to recoil similar to a 410 given the 12 gauges 2 lbs add'l mass.