Action item 2/25/2022

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Action item 2/25/2022 - 02/25/22 10:50 AM

Virginia Citizens Defense League

Defending Your Right to Defend Yourself

Legislative Update and Action Item 2/24/22

On Monday a pro-gun bill, HB 11 by Delegate Tim Anderson, was killed in the Senate Judiciary Committee. HB 11 would have lowered the penalty for carrying concealed without a permit. I was going to write up a summary of what happened in committee, but did a good job on that, so here’s the link to their article:


Switchblade knife bill and gun-control bill coming up Friday

HB 758, Senator Pillion, which legalizes possession of switchblade knives, passed out of the Senate unanimously and is being heard on Friday, February 25, at 8:00am in the House Public Safety full committee. VCDL Strongly Supports this bill.

Also, SB 310, Senator Ebbin, which prohibits the sale of Polymer 80 and other homemade gun kits, is being heard in the full committee. VCDL Strongly Opposes this bill.


Action Item on Preemption and repealing the Red Flag law

To contact key members of the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of HB 827, Wilt, which repeals the authority for local governments to ban firearms in certain places, and HB 805, March, which repeals the Red Flag law (both bills are coming up in Committee on Monday morning), click here:

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Participation of taking action seems low....
Your attention please.
Please help out by taking action asap.

Thank you for your efforts VCDL,